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Book reviews can be a very personal thing for the author of the book being reviewed. An author has put a massive amount of blood, sweat, and tears into writing and publishing their book. Submitting their hard work for review can be agonizing for the author. Learn how to review books, positively or negatively, that will still be objective and focus only on the book and not the author.

When you write a book review, you should start off with a short synopsis to explain the book's content. After the synopsis, you should share your initial thoughts of the book. You should go into detail about your opinion of the content of the story, the characters, the pacing of the story, and the overall writing of the story.

Even if your review is negative, you should still remain respectful of the author. Do not make your negative review a personal attack on the author. Use specific instances or quotes in the book that really caught your attention to show what you really liked about the book. If you have issues with some of the content of the book, the characters, or the writing technique, give specific reasons why you had issues with those things. Also, try to offer suggestions for the author to change things in order to improve their book or to apply those recommendations to future projects.

Always remember that reviewing books for authors is a privilege and in order to be sent more books to review in the future, you want to be seen as a respectful and honest reviewer. Do not take your frustrations and personal opinions out on an author and an author's work. Be respectful of their work, even if you did not enjoy it. Learning how to review books is not very hard. Look up book bloggers on Google and see how other book reviewers write their reviews.

Everyone has their own personal spin to it and they all add their own flavor. Some reviewers write funny reviews; others are more serious and deliberate in their assessment. Read several of their reviews and see which parts of books that they critique the most. Decide which parts of the book are the most important to yo and use those to help you write your review.

However you chose to write your book review, always be honest. It is okay to not like a book and it is okay to write a negative review of a book. Be as specific as you can about why you did or did not like the book in order to help others who have an interest in reading the book. You are going to be helping other consumers, fellow readers like you, choose whether or not to make a book purchase. You want to be as honest and specific as you can so that you do not sway them in the wrong direction.

Reviewing books is a wonderful adventure that can broaden your reading horizons and open you up to a whole new world of books!

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