What makes an interesting story when writing Twilight fan fiction?

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In the world of fan fiction it can be extremely hard to find works that are of high quality. Right? Most people would say yes. In fact, until I found the alternate universe that is Twilight Fan Fiction. With a community of writer’s number over 60,000, the quality of work you can find on sites like Twilighted.net and fanfiction.net is astonishing. Of course, there are your typical Mary Sue stories out there in which the writer simply replaces a character with themselves, and there are you horribly written stories in which the grammar is so bad that it makes you eyes bleed. But then you have your gems. Stories that are so brilliantly written that after the story is complete, they take the piece and change the character names and have it published as an original fiction novel. That is the type of fan fiction that you want to read. The question is how do you find or write that interesting story? The ingredients to a great Twilight Fan Fiction are: A unique story line, a unique and non-cliché spin on the characters, and a great beta.

A unique story line is imperative. With the thousands upon thousands of titles out there, you have to find something that hasn’t been done a 100 times all ready. If you are going to use a common and expected basic story line, you must have some type of twist that throws everyone for a loop. Something completely unexpected that will have everyone blog and tweeting about the new development. We’ve all read the high school Bella and Edward. If you’ve got them in High School, give us some depth to that. It is your best bet to give us something different all together. Make Edward a human, give him green eyes and get them the hell out of Forks. Make Bella strong-willed and independent. She doesn’t have to be a klutz. Make Edward a professional golfer and Bella a lounge singer. The point is to make it yours.

In the fandom there are your clichés, your run of the mill character traits. Edward, the loner; Edward the arrogant ass; Edward, the nerd; and of course, Edward, the man whore. With Bella with have: Bella; the inexperienced virgin; Bella, the uber confident bitch; Bella, the abused, unloved child; and Bella, the awkward geek. We all expect Alice to love shopping and for Rosalie to be found under the hood of a car. So please, give us something new. Make Bella a bad ass super agent who isn’t afraid to face the world head on. Make Alice and horribly dressed writer who could care less about the latest thing on the runway. Give us some diversity!!!

And lastly and possibly the most important, find a good beta. A beta is an editor. He or she will take your story and do what a professional editor would do. They will point out your grammar mistakes, give input on character development, make suggestions on how to refine your plot, and be someone to bounce ideas off of. This person is your second set of eyes, your pre-reader. Listen to their input and take it into serious consideration. You as the writer always have the final say, but if your beta thinks that something is off, it is highly likely that the majority of your readers will feel the same way.

If you follow these rules, you are more likely to have a well written story. A well written story means more readers, and more reader’s means more reviews. Reviews are golden and cherished. It is how potential readers decide whether or not to give your story a shot. Good luck in your venture into the world of Twilight Fan Fiction.

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