how can we create a good fantasy genre story

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You might not find anything magical in this world, but if you look closely and observe you will find magic in the smallest of things. To write a good short story you need to make others believe in your words — you need the readers to see the magic.

A good fantasy genre story always contains well developed characters with strong background story, for example:

"Stella, after losing her one true love, sunk herself in to the darkness and swore revenge against the devil himself. Now she uses the power of the dark to fight darkness."

In the above written paragraph the background of the character is well developed.

Now secondly in writing a story you use the things around you and turn them into something magical, for example:

"Stella picked up the dirt and gently applied it on her wound and a few seconds later it was completely healed. With a confused mind she inspected the dirt and saw something glowing inside. It was blood. The young witch considered herself lucky as it was the blood of a fairy which healed her wound."

Here we used something as simple as dirt and turned it in to something magical.

Thirdly, a good fantasy genre story always contains a lot of twists. So while writing make sure your story is not too obvious.

Lastly a good ending can make your story great. Don't be stereotypical — try to create your own ending. In fantasy, it's not necessary to give your characters a happy ending. I personally like to leave a little mystery. I don't always make an obvious ending. But the ending should be according to the plot. If you're writing about witches, don't end your story with aliens!

Fantasy is one of the easiest and thrilling genres you can write about. Just go with your gut. Write what you feel and your writing will turn out great. Pay extra attention to the details. Develop a thick plot. I believe that if you introduce more than one hero in your story then your story would be interesting.

Believe in your work and be confident about it. Don't let criticism hold you back from writing. And don't give up after one try, keep trying again and again until you create something amazing. Fantasy is all about new ideas and creative imagination, so be very creative while writing a good, well-developed, thrilling story.

While writing a fantasy genre short story you should work on the surroundings. For example:

"Stella went back to her house which was no longer her home. A dark gloomy place. The walls were pale. It was like the air would flake away her identity and make her forget — forget about her beloved husband. She walked inside glancing over the familiar dining room where she would sit with her lover talking about their family, their future children."

Here the character's surroundings were strongly developed.

Above all you should enjoy writing the story and put your heart and soul I'm to it.

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