how far is he willing to go? to be continued

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The night was like any other day. It was a cold, stormy November evening and he was online catching up on some recent work that he neglected to do over the weekend. The weekend was spent watching sports and making sure he packed everything he would need for his newest journey. He knew that he had some huge decisions to make and kept procrastinating. He was usually not a procrastinator, but this decision would take careful planning and a clear mind. Patience was never his strongest suit, but he learned to be patient.

He was just about to turn up the TV to hear what they were saying about Paul Pierce when his phone buzzed. He knew who it was and did not want to acknowledge the phone, but he knew that would be unwise, plus he needed to confront this situation before it went any further. The strong wind outside blew upon the trees making a loud banging sound on the window. The noise startled him and instead of picking up his phone he went to the window to look at the conditions outside. The rain was coming down. He remember the last time the rain came down. He didn't want to think of that.

He had no idea how bad it was out there. The wind was blowing whatever leaves were left from the seasons foliage. He noticed what appeared to be a woman walking down the street struggling with her umbrella. Her hair was wild and clothes soaked from the lack of protection from her compromised rain gear. He closed the blinds and went back to his desk.

BUZZ! The phone vibrated again. There was definitely going to be some changes made. He was not ready to read the text yet. He turned off the phone and turned the tv up. They were still talking about Paul. "He is clutch with the game on the line." the commentator said from ESPN. That comment was funny to him. She has a lot of game, he thought to himself. I just hope she is clutch when it is all on the line.

The rain drops beat harder on the windowsill. He looked at the phone and shook his head. Now she wants to talk? he said. The last few weeks has been rough on the both of them. More hard on him since he was the one who had to make some decisions. He usually liked taking the lead, but this time was different. The smell of the lit incense in the background suddenly invaded his senses. PURE ESSENCE was the aroma that engulfed his large living-room area. He would light that scent every time they made love. He was aroused.

The strong urge to satisfy his weakness was now the only thing he could think about. He needed to release. He needed to clear his thoughts. Get hold of your self! He went to the washroom,stood over the sink and looked at him self in the mirror. He needed to control his urge. He turned the water valve on, cupped his hands under the faucet to catch the cold water, then splashed it on his face. He needed that. He looked back in the mirror, with the water dripping down his face. The water dripped down outside the bathroom window panes. 'Who can I trust?" he said out loud. The mirror answered back,"No one!" To be continued. To be continued.

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