How to keep simple prose form stories interesting?

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Interestingly enough, we all read simple prose form. Whether it be a how-to DIY, a magazine article or someone's own account of a known topic; it's read nearly everyday. How do they keep us reading, let alone coming back for more? Simply by attracting our interest. Suppose you wish to write about something as mundane as dog walking, you would peak someone's interest simply by subdividing the mundane topic by breed of dog or by activities one can do with your dog while you walk them. The simple prose form is easy yet frustratingly difficult because it's condensed: telling you what is happening and how it is to be done. Consider an essay. Not the boring four-to-five paragraph essays we all grew up with and dread but the informative, researched, resourcful essay that we all seek out on a daily basis. How they constructed? They present their story, the back up the fact, they assist or advice, there even may be a witty ancedote to help the reader relate. What I am doing right now, is an essay. Start your prose with a topic, any topic at all, and grow on it. List what you know, your experiences and how it can help someone else. If your prose isn't informative, it can be personal. Simple prose form takes on two forms: informative and personal. And they are just what they mean. Informative takes information, bits and pieces, weaves them into creative text to keep your interest and help you at the same time. Its the same with personal. Personal essays have been around for as long as there have been stories. But many writers don't see this as an essay but an account; 'this is what happened to me so now I am telling to you'. Yes, these two forms can inter-weave. Never think that an article writer churning out an informative essay won't tell you about when they first went backstage to meet Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones to give you information on what's it's like to attend a rock concert. The trick of the trade is to stay on point. That writer may give you an ancedote but at the same time could be teaching you how to get pass the security guards in order to get that much desired autograph or how get to the front row without that exclusive ticket. The two can and typically are meshed. Are you still reading this? Good, that means I've kept your interest. Keeping the readers interest is all about your creativity and how to express it in your prose. No one ever said, 'Oh my gosh, this scientific journal is so interesting and fasinating!' Well, not unless it was written by Bill Nye, the Science Guy or those fellows from MythBusters! Yes, those types of readings are boring but that's because they are raw and informative; just facts without luster. Prose is a creature all it's own, rare and exotic and completely intriguing. Some people have even written simple prose without realizing it. That is how easy it is to write it. Think about an essay and chuck it from memory; this of prose as a magazine article or DIY phamphlet or condensed news interview; things one wants to read. Infuse it with your own creativity, writing style and even personal accounts. The writing will be enjoyable and engaging, as well as the reading will be to the person picking it up for the long train ride home.

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