The Abduction of a Knight of GoldenMyst?

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The day was like any other as Anduin, a Knight of GoldenMyst, was going about his patrol, heading along the northern borders of GoldenMyst, recent events weighing heavily on his mind. A cold breeze blew through the woods as he walked among the trees, the wind caressing his scarred upper body, muscles rippling under the tan skin of his broad frame. He carried his weapon, a broad-headed Great Battle Axe, in his burly hands.

Midnight-black hair flowed down onto his shoulders, fluttering softly with each step he took. He would suddenly stop, feeling something strange in the air as he would slowly turn in a circle, stone-grey eyes focusing on each leaf, each bush as he turned. Seeing nothing of danger nearby, and the strange feeling passing, he would turn and slowly start to walk the way he was heading.

As he walked, though, he saw the trees, covered with the red and yellow leaves of the fall season, were now rotted, the bark sloughing off the trunks of the trees as though the trees were diseased. Even the ground beneath his feet had suddenly become soggy, the stench of decay thick in the air. A look of wary concern crossed Anduin's face as he suddenly heard the sound of movements around him. He would then see the source of the shambling footsteps, ghoulish figures walking among the decaying trees.Flesh sloughed off some of the creatures, though some of the creatures were mere skeletons, some of them missing parts of their skeletal frame.

For a moment, sheer disgust would be seen on the barbarian's face, then would disappear as he let out a shout and ran at the nearest ghoul, his axe swung at an arc as he charged. Wavering flames formed around the blade of his weapon as it sliced clean through the ghoul's torso, flames enveloping the two halfs of the creature as they fell to the ground. Anduin spent no time glancing back at the burning corpse as he continued onward, his axe lifted over his head before plunging it downward into the next revenant's skull, the axe chopping the creature in half, orange flames burning the tattered ghoul's remains as Anduin would run through the woods, knowing better than to fight, for he could sense many more of the undead nearby.

After running for hours, and not seeing any of the ghouls nearby, he would stop to rest, sweat gleaming on his bare back as he would take in deep breaths. As he stood there, though, he would suddenly drop to his knees as huge hands smashed onto his back. He would roll forward, his hands curled around the handle of his axe as he would turn, expecting to see one of the ghouls. Instead, to his surprise, he would see a barbarian standing there. The barbarian was the same as Anduin in stature, muscles rippling though the warrior's skin.

The similarities ended there, as Anduins opponent was completely bald, and blue runes were carved into the mans arms and chest. The warrior's skin was pale, as though the warrior lived in a cave most of his life. Anduin would look to the man as he gripped his axe, stone-grey hues watcing the man as he spoke, "who are you, and why do you attack me? ". The man would chuckle softly as he watched Anduin, the blue runes on the mans body as ghouls suddenly appeared around Anduin, hundreds of the undead forming a circle around him as the warrior spoke, " Come, brother, did you think I would not come and finish what I started when I left you for dead?".

A look of pure surprise would appear on Anduin's face as he looked to the other man, not recognizing him at all as his tone became more cautious," I wondered when you would come for me, brother. But I did not expect you to dabble in the dark art of necromancy. Then again, you always liked to go against everything that our father taught us...". The other man would spit upon the ground in contempt, a look of hatred seen on the pale man's face," Father was a fool to trust in the old ways of the lavamancers. The shamans are dead now, and the warriors of the tribe have become necromancers, like myself."

Anduin would take a step towards his brother at that comment, hatred of his brother evident as he snarled at the younger sibling," You bastard, you turned one of the strongest barbarian tribes into summoners of the undead!" He would take another step forward, and as he did so, a wall of bones would surround him, locking him in place as his brother would laugh, a cruel smile then forming on his face as he walked towards the bone prison," You think thats all I did, Anduin? You will see what horrors I will soon summon, for you will be one of them."

As Anduin struggled to break through the prison, his brothers arms spread out wide, As soon as the younger sibling's hands came together, the bone prison, the revenants, and the two men would disappear, leaving nothing behind but the rotted earth, and Anduins weapon, a faint orange glow emanating from the Great Battle Axe, the Knight of GoldenMyst's prized possession, was left there, sticking from the ground.

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