What are the Halloween Spiders?

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Oh, my darling nephew, there are such beings as the Halloween Spiders. They have as many names as they are in numbers. The Halloween Spiders come out of their homes and decorate ours with their webs. They do this to protect us from hungry demons and evil witches intending to do us harm. A long, long, loooong time ago, there was a hidden battle in the shadows between the underworld and our world. Humans were losing even with the assistance of good witches.

For millennia the hidden battles raged on until there was the a break between our world and theirs. The demons built a mighty gate to keep it open for them to pass through more easily. One night a spider family came out of the gate and made their home in an old barn. They built their webs in the corners, in the broke window frame, the door, and the hay bale frame.

One year when the humans were prepping for the long night of battle that occurred every year on Halloween night, a small boy went to hide in the barn as his father wanted. He was left with some biscuits, cheese, water and a blanket to keep him warm. There he stay while his father helped prepare the town for battle.

Before the sun set he went to check on his son. His son asked him to read a story to put him to sleep. As he lay sleeping on some hay, his father brushed his hand on his cheek and wished him safety.

Nightfall came and so did the demons, many of them. They flooded out the gate or just appeared as that night is when the barrier between both worlds is the weakest. The humans wearing whatever they could to protect themselves, armed with swords, axes and kitchen knives faced the gate. Tears streamed down many of their cheeks, just hoping their loved ones survived or they died quickly.

As the battle waged on the human front was broken and the demons went searching for the elderly and the young. Flying through the town's homes and stores they found family after family. Eventually they made to the barn where the little boy had been joined by several other children needing safety.

A group of demons went around to check out the barn and noticed the webs in the frames. One looked puzzled by the unusual attempt at safety. He circled again and again to get a full comprehension of the webs. The demons gathered around and devised a plan to enter the barn. The one who looked puzzled told them about the spiders of the underworld and the power they possessed.

Armed with that knowledge they went to the top of the barn and started to take apart the roof planks. After making a hole large enough for them to enter through, they charged and were burned back by light fire.

The webs held attempt after attempt until morning came and the demons fled back to the underworld for safety. The children looked at the webs and the spiders who made them. One little girl said good morning and asked if they could speak. One shook its head no and then another child asked if they could understand them. The spider shook his head yes.

The little boy asked if they would keep them safe next year and all the spiders shook their heads yes! So excited by this that when the surviving adults came back they took a group of spiders with them to the new towns they left for. You see the humans lost that battle, with many losses. When the king heard of what happened, he sent warriors to the town to set up barriers around the gate, gave the survivors some supplies for their journey and invited some of the spiders to stay at his castle.

Thus the Halloween Spider Brigade was formed and every year since they faced battle together and continue to keep humans safer.

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