What is the key to Creative Writing-Short Story?

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Creative Writing-Short Story is all about imagination. Without that it is just random words put together on a page. Writing is about detail, image, and creativity. It has to connect, to flow.

The first key to Creative Writing-Short Story is having ideas to write about.

Second, don’t think about it, just let it flow. Don't think about the sentence you're going to write the moment you pick up a pen and notebook, or a computer. It's the same each time--you end up stuck on the first sentence. Sometimes you make to three. Instead sit down, close your eyes and breathe. What you’re going write will come to you. You don't come to it; it's not about the mind. Let the words swirl behind your eyes, flowing from your hand onto the page. Don't think.

Writing cannot be about rushing. It’s an art, a job and love if that's what you make it. You can't see who can get done the quickest---then it's not creative, it's a race. That's not art, and it's only half as good as it could be.

The third key: if it doesn't sound right, or doesn’t sound good to you, ask a friend or family member to read it. Put it down and come back to it. When you read it again, it may sound amazing compared to what it was before.

When writing, it's not just words on a page. Words are the soul of each story, the only thing keeping their story alive. Each individual word has a purpose. It might be small but it's there to keep things connected, a silver thread binding them together.

Fourth—a very important key--have fun. Imagine yourself as the character. Picture running or floating on a cloud, fighting dragons or demons, marrying prince charming or being Princess Zelda (who always needs saving.) Believe in your story. Your heart, not your mind, is its creator; that's the magic of creative writing, that's the magic in all writing. That's where it's unique, very few write from their heart. Most write from their minds.

Believing is not just saying you do, it's feeling the magic through your fingers, seeing each word in yourself, pushing and pulling them apart just to see them thread together again. The magic of writing is the greatest magic there is, and there's no better way to grown up than with stories, believing in everything about them.

When writing comes from your heart and not your mind, that's the best part. Hearing the voices of the characters as they speak or hearing their thoughts as you read--being able to do that is more than just writing, it is seeing the soul of something. That is the very key to successful writing.

Last and most important, always reread everything you write. You may not think you have any errors, but everyone misses something. Read over it a few times till you are certain that absolutely everything is correct. When you're done, sit down and let someone else read it and listen to what they have to say. It always helps to have other opinions.

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