How can i find help for writers block?

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Writers block is a problem that every writer will run into in their day to day writing. If you experience writers block there are a few techniques you can use to free your mind and get back to your writing. If you need help for writers block consider the three techniques below.

First, close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Imagine your story line in your minds eye as a piece of string, and all the critical points are knots in that string. Slowly analyze all of the knots you can remember off the top of your head, examine the key characters in those knots. What are they doing? How did they get here? Where do they want to go? How will they get here? Do this for every knot, even when the answers are obvious. You will find yourself at a point where one of the knots doesn't make sense, and it will trip you up for a moment but don't let this discourage you. You can get past this, once again ask yourself the questions! It will come to you.

If the first suggestion doesn't help you, try illustrating a scene in your story. It's true that many writers are not illustrators, but even stick figures will do for this exercise. Imagining a crucial scene in your story in this way will give you a perspective you never had, for instance perhaps the protagonist would do better off with a battleaxe instead of a sword. This will cause you to go back and re-read your story to find every place you wrote "sword" and change it to "battleaxe" and also to re-write some passages to make it more fitting to the new weapon of choice. Re-reading will refresh your mind as to where your story was headed.

If that doesn't work we'll have to whip out the big guns! Taking a break from writing can be a huge help, get your eyes away from the paper or computer screen for 5-10 minutes. Make a fresh pot of coffee or a cup of tea, look out your window and let your mind go blank for a few minutes. Whatever you do do NOT stare at the TV screen or your computer screen. Give your poor eyes a break from the brightness of these screens and enjoy something else mind numbing for a few minutes. Taking a break will refresh your mind and give you some fresh new ideas to consider for your story line.

Whatever you do though, do not take a month long break. Never force yourself to write, but never stop for such a long time. You will lose interest and begin to forget what you have put so much effort into already. No one wants to be the writer with an unfinished project. So don't do it!

If all three of these ideas fail you perhaps there may be different techniques that will work for you to help get you past your writers block. Try anything and everything, just remember to never just stop writing. It could be deadly to your career.

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