What is the Best Way to Overcoming Writer's Block?

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Overcoming writer's block may seem like a daunting task. Especially when concerning all the tips and tricks people have spouted out through the years on how to get over it, such as standing on your head and writing upside down or talking to an imaginary friend for help. Now while these two may help some people into getting the ideas flowing, and finally getting words onto paper they are both distractions when it comes down to it.

Because there is really only one way of getting over writer's block. And that's by writing. This may seem a cliché answer, but often the most common response is the right one. There are millions of articles online demonstrating techniques or tactics to getting rid of the all too familiar mind beaver damming up the flow of creative thoughts. But really the straightforward answer is to simply continue writing. Because writer's block is often preceded by feelings of inadequacy, a thought or two that supposes what you're writing and everything that is now on your page is crap and not worth the time for anyone to read. This feeling provokes the need to discover something more creative to add, something with a bit more spice and flavour so which will prod you to keep going, to keep writing and to change your line of thinking so that you no longer believe what you’re writing isn't so dull or boring. But that won’t always happen.

There are good days to everyone’s writing and then there are the dreaded bad days. The day’s where the words seem to have escaped you, fallen into a dark abyss with no way out and your fingers stay crooked and stiff above your keyboard. The only thing we can do when these days come is to persevere, to keep writing even if it is horrible and lacking quality. Because the secret is, everyone's first draft is bad. Unless of course you're a literature genius, such as Shakespeare or Johann Goethe but for us mere mortals we must accept our fate and accept our writing.

So writer’s block does not come from the lack of creative thought, but rather the restriction we put on ourselves and our writing because we want it to be great and lovely and without mistake. But that is only fantasy, the biggest fantasy any writer has any dreamed of. If we are writers we must continue to write, through the pain and through the lack of self confidence and through the overbearing voice inside our head which says we’re not good enough. Because writer’s block is only an imagination of the mind, and it is only self doubt and worry that stops us from writing.

So, the way in Overcoming Writer's Block in the end is to, surprisingly, keep on writing. But to do this also means to strip away our insecurities, to forget about perfection and to even forgot about being a good writer. It’s all about putting one word after the other.

Like Ernest Hemingway once said, “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

So, all I can say is, keep on bleeding.

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